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Elizabeth Mains

President & Co-Founder

Born and raised in New Mexico, Elizabeth now resides in Denver, Colorado, and is the Co-Founder of Hidden Hatchet Hollow. Elizabeth has an extensive background in Insurance and Real Estate.


She is grateful to have been immersed in an environment of creativity and curiosity from a young age. Before she learned how to make a photograph, she learned how to be a traveler.  In 2015 she set out to live on a Sailboat and sail around Florida.  Then in 2017 made another big move to travel the beautiful State of Maine. When Covid hit Elizabeth moved back home to Colorado.

Travel is when she is most engaged, most inspired, and most challenged. Learning bits of a new culture, getting lost in winding cobblestone streets or narrow dirt paths, meeting local people, and taking in every element of a moment - sights, scents, sounds and feelings.  This is when she is most alive. The camera allows her to capture and share these moments.

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