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Senior/High School Portraits

Great senior photos do more than represent you in the yearbook.  They can literally change the way you see yourself, and they will change the way the world sees you.

This isn’t the time for good-enough, selfies, or having a parent or friend taken an iPhone snap.  This is your time to shine, a time to show the world how you’ve grown, transformed, and blossomed into the person you are.

Senior portraits aren’t just another shot on insta – they’re around forever.  They’ll be on your college apps, your grandmother’s shelves, and entrenched in your classmates’ minds. 

You have an opportunity right now to define yourself, and you deserve to feel great about you.

A positive self-image is one of the key determinants of a happy life, and a photo shoot with Focus Photography has helped hundreds of Maine seniors see themselves in their best light.

Show the world your confidence, independence, athleticism, quirkiness, strength, beauty, passions, commitment, personal style, achievements and values. 

Rewrite the way people think of you and show the world the YOU, you wish they would always see.

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